Retail & FMCG

Educate retail sellers & customers about your product by creating a brand experience.

✓ End Customers

✓ Premium Buyers

✓ Store Staff and Sales People

✓ Distributors and Affiliates

Help retail staff learn during COVID

Share various content digitally with your retail store staff.

Engage with customers directly

Create buyer groups and share relevant product experiences.

Make training and learning stick

Pre-training and post-training content make learning stick.

Simplify updates & new launches

Share launch and compliance materials ahead of time.

Keep distributors informed

Keep the entire chain informed, without paying a fortune.

Keep the media engaged with authentic info

Share valid, authentic information with media.

How you can use Kytes

◉ Loyal customers buy 60% more from the same brand than new ones do.

⦾ Loyalty clubs are a good way to increase customer retention and loyalty.

⦾ Kytes helps you create brand loyalty by offering differentiated experiences for different customer groups. Target premium customers for luxury offerings, while still engaging with the other groups with product experiences appropriate for them.

◉ 80% of customers plan to shop from direct to customer (D2C) channels.

⦾ Managing perceptions and loyalty is imperative. Communicating and selling directly to customers is the new retail-industry focus.

⦾ Use Kytes to communicate directly with customers without ending up in their Spam folders. Create and share rich product experiences combining product videos, reports, discount coupons, and even influencer podcasts.

◉ Misinformation costs FMCG businesses dearly.

⦾ Manage perceptions and make product launches much more effective.

⦾ Use Kytes to create information channels to the media and to the regulators. Keeping media adequately engaged, while keeping regulators informed helps product launches go smoothly, and keeps distractions away. Share research reports, product data sheets and distribute media kits to respond decisively to brewing rumours.

◉ Distributors need not just sales-training, but also product knowledge

⦾ Every distributor has potentially tens and hundreds of sales reps of their own. Keeping distributors informed thoroughly about the product has downstream impact and creates a positive network effect on sales and revenue. Using an LMS (Learning Management System) for this is prohibitively expensive.

⦾ Use Kytes to share interesting and regular nuggets about your product. Keeping it short, of various forms (ppt, audio, video etc.) and regular makes it interesting for the distributor, and gives you a channel to offer continual training on your offerings. The most inexpensive way to train distributors at large.