Legal & Regulatory Agencies

Educate the industry & clients about compliance protocols & changes to the law. Track if they have read the content or not and follow up effectively.

✓ Industry leaders

✓ Legal clients

✓ Entrepreneurs

✓ Media

✓ Board Members

Make regulatory compliance easier

No reason to miss an update. Share content in 16+ engaging formats.

Ensure awareness of regulations in your content

No more spam or filtered attachments in your content.

Track reading with analytics to ensure compliance

Digitally track your content using actionable analytics.

Send timely updates about new regulations & laws

Keep clients updated with the latest regulations and laws.

Receive confidential information from clients

Give clients a secure way to share sensitive documents.

Prepare for the board meetings ahead of time

Share agenda-specific information in different formats with attendees.

How you can use Kytes

◉ The more honest the communication, the better the compliance.

⦾ Allow clients to share sensitive information only with you.

⦾ Kytes allows your clients to share sensitive information such as whistle-blower videos, evidence, research reports, financial information, product data etc.

◉ In legal and compliance situations, knowledge is power.

⦾ Ensure that your client knows the latest update in regulations or the law.

⦾ Use Kytes to communicate directly with clients without ending up in their Spam folders. Create and share bite-sized consumables in various formats to make sure the client is well-informed on protocols and policies.