Kytes Features

If you have the content to distribute, we have the platform for it.

✓ No more attachments and links

✓ No irrelevant recommendations

✓ No fragmented content across multiple apps

✓ Optimised for easy distribution of content

Hassle-free distribution

In an industry where old information is stale (& potentially problematic), keeping stakeholders informed & updated should not be rocket science. That’s why we have simplified content distribution. You focus on creating the content & sharing with the right groups. We will take care of everything else.

Secure & confidential

Security of your content is important. This includes – preventing content from being manipulated and preventing content from reaching the wrong hands. Kytes prevents forwarding and discourages plagiarism and theft. It keeps content distribution and consumption worry-free.

Flexible content grouping — easy to share & find

Information is rarely contained entirely in a single file. Today’s users need information in different modes – audio, video, ppt, eBook, PDF, Word Doc etc. Kytes allows you to create a playlist containing different types of files and distribute them together, as a logical collection.

Unified content experience

You ensure that your audience sees all the content together in one place, without distracting recommendations. Your users find the content in one place and experience it in a unified way too!

Crisp analytics

Know who has read your content, which content nuggets are popular, and who are your most avid consumers. Enough information to adapt your content and sharing strategies.

Self-serviced billing & invoice management

It is all straightforward. No need to wait for anyone to do routine administrative work. Invoices, payment mechanisms, payment receipts, upgrade options – they are all there in your channel’s billing area. Access anytime, pay on time, be gloriously independent.