Kytes Features

If you have the content to distribute, we have the platform for it.

✓ No more attachments and links

✓ No irrelevant recommendations

✓ No fragmented content across multiple apps

✓ Optimised for easy distribution of content

Hassle-free distribution

Engage the right people with the right content at all times. Keeping your content organized has never been easier. With Kytes Studio, Digital Asset Management takes on a redefined, secure meaning, where all you share, is also easy to consume.

Secure & confidential

Upload your files with confidence, knowing no other eyes but the ones you want will fall on them. We offer an encrypted sharing service where nobody else but the ones you decide will get to access your content collections.

Flexible content grouping — easy to share & find

Share entire collections with your users without the need for downloads. Your entire collection is safe in the cloud!

Unified Content Experience

Kytes comes equipped with a rich media player that lets your users securely consume your content without the boundaries of their devices, or operating environments.

Crisp analytics

Assess what your users are consuming from within your content collections. Assess your content impact and trends of consumption to improve delivery efficiency, and content impact. All those training documents finally put to good use!

Self-serviced billing & invoice management

It is all straightforward. No need to wait for anyone to do routine administrative work. Invoices, payment mechanisms, payment receipts, upgrade options – they are all there in your channel’s billing area. Access anytime, pay on time, be gloriously independent.