Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

Investment management, investor relations and selling new products to clients and the world at large require information to be shared – securely and sometimes, confidentially too.

✓ Investors

✓ Clients

✓ Account Holders

✓ Regulators

✓ Media

Introduce new products in an engaging way

Go beyond brochures. Share experiences of others.

The right format for the right content

Engage differently with the media, regulators and clients. 16+ formats to choose from.

Provide investment advice securely

Your investment advice to your client or groups of clients is secure and confidential.

Ensure awareness of regulations

No more unopened attachments. Content is guaranteed to reach its audience.

Send timely updates to regulators

Keep regulators updated with evidence and respond actively to queries.

How you can use Kytes

◉ Investor trust in advisors has declined 12% since 2016.

⦾ Build trust with your investors through personalized and sustained communication.

⦾ Kytes allows you to share sensitive information such as research reports, financial reports, video of recorded presentations of company performance etc.

◉ In legal and compliance situations, knowledge is power.

⦾ Ensure that your client knows the latest update in regulations or the law.

⦾ User Kytes for transaction reporting in compliance with existing regulations.

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